New Partnership:Cornerstone Polymers & Recycling


K & K Recycling, Inc Paper Recycling

K&K Recycling was started in 1990 in Wilson, NC.  The company operates two recycling centers east of Raleigh North Carolina.  Both facilities are traditional paper plants that have adapted through the years to keep up with the expanding markets and non traditional plastic scrap.

We operate our own fleet of trucks and can offer any type of recycling service to fit a customers needs. Included in our business model is the ability to offer equipment such as balers, shredders, conveying systems and various types of plastics processing equipment.

With over 20 years of domestic and international experience; we can provide expert marketing advice and recycling programs that turn costly waste into revenue streams.

Paper / Plastics

K&K Recycling


In November of 2012, K&K Recycling partnered with a plastics company in Wilson, NC. Cornerstone Polymers & Recycling is a sister company to K&K.  They specialize in preconsumer and post industrial plastic scrap.  The site utilizes a granulator to process rigid plastics into flake that can then be sold to various markets around the world.  The site can accept all grades #1 - #7 and most engineering resins in part or sheet form.